To take full responsibility for all aspects concerned with the car use (usage, discard, disposal etc.) in terms of all legislation demands, the world´s manufactures of Audi, BMW, Daimler Chrysler, Ford, Opel, Volvo and VW brands established the IMDS project as a result of their common research and development activities.

IMDS is an electronic system based on the internet technology communicating with the centre database administered by the EDS company.

The system facilitates an efficient data exchange between the particular suppliers of the materials employed in the cars and enables to share their description and composition.

This becomes a very efficient tool for all abovementioned companies and subsuppliers of the parts in the automotive industry to standardize their products and processes.

The list of most relevant processes supplied by the Pragochema and commonly demanded by the IMDS users are in the following table. If other data or specifications of other processes are required contact the Pragochema´s Dept. of Technical Service at the e-mail address  ots@pragochema.cz.

Codes of the processes supplied by the Pragochema

Process Pragochema IMDS ID-No. Process/coating description
Pragofos 2400 9502076 manganese phosphating, low-temperature process
Pragofos 1400 9502076 manganese phosphating
Pragofos 2050 A 7029554 iron phosphating together with degreasing
Pragofos 2050 7029554 iron phosphating
Pragofos 2050 N 7029554 iron phosphating
Pragofos 750 7029554 iron phosphating, high-pressure application
Pragofos 2060 7029554 iron phosphating, thick-layer coating
Pragofos 2040 7029554 iron phosphating together with degreasing, thick-layer coating
Pragofos 2030 7029554 iron phosphating
Pragofos 1600 7027255 zinc-calcium phosphating
Pragofos 1500 7026761 zinc phosphating
Pragofos 1510 7026761 zinc phosphating
Pragofos 1380 7026761 zinc phosphating
Pragofos 1900 7026761 multiple-cationic zinc phosphating under the cataphoretic painting
Pragofos 1910 9501722 zinc-manganese phosphating
Pragofos 1920 7026761 multiple-cationic zinc phosphating
Pragofos 1930 9501722 zinc-manganese phosphating
Pragofos 1150 7026761 zinc phosphating, nitrite accelerator
Pragofos 1100 7026761 zinc phosphating, nitrite accelerator, thick-layer coating
Pragofos 1000 7026761 zinc phosphating, nitrite accelerator, low-temperature process
Pragofos 2200 7026761 zinc phosphating, nitrite-free, low-temperature process
Pragofos 1220 7026761 zinc phosphating, thick-layer coating
Pragofos 1800 24871619 yellow chromating for aluminium substrates
Pragogal Ni 160 749088 bright rack nickel plating
Pragogal 1051 749088 bright nickel plating of excellent levelling ability
Pragogal Zn 372 213570 bright weak acid zinc plating, low-foaming bath durable against elevated temperature
Pragogal Zn 367 213570 bright weak acid zinc plating
Pragogal Zn 3300 213570 bright alkaline zinc plating
Pragogal Zn 310 213570 rack cyanide-based zinc plating
Pragogal Zn 320 213570 barrel cyanide-based zinc plating
Pragogal Zn 304 213570 bright cyanide-based zinc plating
Pragogal Cr 870 756617 bright decorative chromium plating
Pragogal Cr 850 756617 hard and decorative chromium plating
Pragogal Sn 510 756885 alkaline tin plating
Pragogal Sn 5500 756885 bright acid tin plating
Pragogal Cu 2500 736943 bright acid copper plating
Pragogal Cu 220 736943 semi-bright cyanide-based copper plating
Pragogal Cu 210 736943 cyanide-based copper plating
Pragogal Ag 730 757767 cyanide-based silver preplating
Pragogal Ag 710 757767 cyanide-based silver plating
Pragogal Ms Buben 736946 barrel cyanide-based brass plating
Pragogal Ms 610 736946 cyanide-based brass plating
Pragokor Seal Fe 977617 sealing of both phosphate and nickel plating coatings
Pragokor Seal Cu 977617 sealing of non-ferrous coatings
Pragokor Seal Zn 977617 sealing of zinc coatings
Pragokor Zn 25 K 3641289 blue chromating without six-valence chromium content
Pragokor Zn 35 K 899343 yellow chromating with low content of six-valence chromium
Pragokor Zn 35 KZ 899343 yellow chromating with low content of six-valence chromium for plated and galvanized zinc coatings
Pragokor Zn 36 K 899343 yellow chromating (intensive colour)
Pragokor Zn 51 899586 black chromating
Pragokor Zn 62 900850 olive chromating
Pragokor Zn 31 899343 yellow chromating
Pragokor Zn 32 899344 yellow chromating
Pragokor Brunigal N 38568924 blackening of mild as well as alloyed steel
Pragokor Brunigal S 38568924 steel blackening