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Pastes for grinding of both metal and plastics

The Pragopol grinding pastes are suitable for a very fine grinding as well as prepolishing of machinery parts made of miscellaneous metals and some plastics.

The Pragopol grinding pastes are composed of homogeneous blends of solid abrasives stuck together by fat-based binders, moulded into prism-shaped cardboard package of the size 60 x 60 x 200 mm. At the use, the paste stick should be pressed onto the grinding and rotating cloth disc or brush. As a result of the friction heat evolved, the fat as the uniform coating will be melted onto the disc and the disc is ready for the machinery grinding afterwards.

Pragopol 320 Grinding Paste paste for basic grinding

Pragopol Grinding Grease paste for a light grease of grinding discs

Pragopol Paste for Plastics paste for grinding of the parts made of hard plastics

Pragopol Paste for Steel paste for a fine grinding