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Liquid degreasers

Pragolod 13 surfactant –based degraesing agent with passivating effect

Pragolod 14 liquid alkaline degreasing and tumbling agent of low foamability and with passivating effect

Pragolod 16 liquid degreasing and washing agent

Pragolod 18 surfactants - based degreasing agent of nearly neutral pH-value

Pragolod 20 UF all-purpose degreaser regenerable by ultrafiltration

Pragolod 22 Ms acid agent for the degreasing of non-ferrous metals

Pragolod 32 strongly alkaline degreaser for steel

Pragolod 44 liquid low-foaming degreaser with a mild passivating effect

Pragolod 46 alkaline degreaser and cleaner

Pragolod 710 versatile degreaser for water pressure cleaning

Pragolod 780 versatile degreasing and washing agent for pressure cleaning

Pragolod Grato 12 alkaline degreaser with passivating effect