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Filtration sheets

Filtration sheets are made of the same substance as the Pragopol microporous membrane ultrafilters being created by the gelatination process of the colloid solutions of nitrocellulose but applied onto the textile substrate. The structure of the tiniest voids within the filtration substance which causes its high porosity and retention capability remains the same but the mechanical strength being substantially enhanced. Like the Pragopor membrane ultrafilters, the filtration sheets feature a good resistance against most acids and alkalis and some solvents. As for the other features, both types of filters are fairly the same.

The filtration substance may be used in many fields but, unlike the membrane ultrafilters, are rather preferred in filtration and separation processes of solid particles from liquids and gases and, to a lesser extent, for some methods of chemical analysis.

The filtration sheets are available in five sorts according to the specified pore size:
Designation of the filtersSize of the pores µmExamples of use
PUFS6,5 - 8,5Separation of aerosol particles from gases
RUFS4,0 - 6,5Separation of solid particles and fine water droplets from aircraft gasoline
AUFS2,5 - 4,0Filtration of water, oils and some solutions in chemical industry
HUFS1,0 - 2,5
VUFS0,3 - 1,0In healthcare filtration facilities